10 Principles of the Logo Design Masters

So I read this article and strangely enough it somewhat resembles our curriculum at school!  Its nice to know that this is actually a good strategy for designing.  Seriously though this article by Chris Spooner shows us the process of designing a logo or anything else for that matter.  We sometimes like to skip steps when doing projects at school, but it is important for us to semi-follow these steps.  We do have to remember that most of our work is done for other people so it is important to follow that design brief.  Enough explanation, check out THIS article and try the process, it does turn out to be useful.

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I am a designer/blogger from Kansas. I finished design school 2 years ago and an now working as a designer in the alcoholic beverage industry. I couldn't love my job any more, for obvious reasons! I have been wanting to expand my own portfolio now that I'm settled and share my own ideas and inspiration.
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