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The day has come!  This is my first tutorial I am posting on my blog.  I have been looking for ideas recently and finally came across one.  I was browsing my favorite music program and just got the Def Jam app and they have this section of Def Jam Classics.  It has a pretty sweet header so I just wanted to try to emulate the effect.  I hope to start posting more of these tutorials…if this one turns out successful.  So here we go.

In this tutorial we will be going over simple masking and typography manipulations.  It should only take about 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Step 1.

Open Photoshop and create a new document.  I am using 1920×1200 pixels.  Start by looking for a dark wood background and place it into our blank document.  I found one at photography5.  Lucky for us it’s the exact size as our new document.



Step 2:

Lets lay out our typography.  I am using Helvetica Neue LT Std.  The font style is 95 Black at 326 point.  We are going to overlay the “S” and “D”.  Then we’re going to add the rest of the name at 160 point.


Step 3:

Adjust the kerning!  Often overlooked when rushing through projects.  I have been taught to kern everything.  Whether it’s just one letter or the whole word.  That’s why I placed typography adjustments on its own step, to highlight its importance.


Step 4:

Add the rest of the text under the main logo.  I put the “designs” at Helvetica Neue Std Black Extended at 124 Point.  I put the year at Black Condensed at 84 Point type.


Step 5:

Here’s where things start to get interesting.  First I like to group all my text together and then duplicate it so I still have an editable copy.  After I copy the text I’ll convert the group to a Smart Object and name it Main Logo.


Step 6:

To give our graphic a stroke we’re going to duplicate our new smart object and name it Main Logo STROKE add a 9 point stroke to it.  We’re also going to drop the Main Logo STROKE under the Main Logo.


Step 7:

Now we’re going to place in our Carbon Fiber texture.  I picked it HERE.  Im going to place it in between our two logo layers.  Next, I’m going to Option Click in between the Carbon Fiber layer and the Main Logo STROKE layer to create a mask.  I’ll hide the Main Logo layer for now so you can see.


Step 8:

As you can see, our texture isn’t covering our stroke, so we’re going to right click our Main Logo STROKE and create a smart object again to apply the stroke to the main graphic.  This will make the Carbon Fiber texture extend the full width.


Step 9:

Now we’re going to bring back in the Main Logo layer.  We’re going to reduce the Fill to 0% because we’re not really concerned with color here.  What we want is the shadows.  Here are the layer effects we are going to apply to Main Logo.


Step 10:

Now we’re going to duplicate Main Logo and name it Main Logo HIGHLIGHT.  Now clear the layer styles so we’re working with just the black logo.  Reduce the Fill Opacity to 0% and add a 9 Point Stroke in White, set the Blend Mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and the Opacity to 26%.


Step 11:

Almost done!  I’m not quite happy about the size of the Carbon Fiber texture.  Too much makes it look a little blurry.  Lets size it down a bit to make it look sharper.


Step 12:

Much better!  Now lets add our shadow.  Lets apply a Drop Shadow to the Main Logo STROKE layer.  Lets set the Blend Mode to Multiply, Opacity to 70%, Angle to 90%, Distance 10px, Size 20px.


Step 13:

Lets add one big shadow to create a bit more depth.  Create a New Layer on top of everything.  Lets name it Shadow.  We are going to Command Click on Main Logo Stroke to make a Selection around everything.  On our new layer let get a big soft brush and dob one click of black in the lower right of the logo.


Step 14:

Ctrl+D to deselect our logo.  Now lets set the Blend Mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 57%


DONE!  I really hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!  I hope you learned something too  Feel free to leave comments  Take care guys.

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