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Super Cool Olly Moss Illustrations

Olly Moss Illustrations

This collection is a MUST see!  These works are amazing, simple, clean, complex, thought provoking and just plain cool!  This guy does amazing work and you can check out this collection over at abduzeedo.  They also have a link in the article to visit his portfolio.

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Sexy 2011 New Years Flyers

2011 New Year Flyers

One of the reasons I ever got into design was because of flyers!  I love typography and with flyers you generally have to put a lot of information on there.  I really love the creative ways of setting up the type.  The other reason is because I’m truly in love with music and flyers were going around with all the local shows and I loved getting a cool looking flyer.  This collections isn’t much about bands but I’m sure there was music involved in some way.  Go take a look at the collection from

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25+ Free Heavy and Bold Fonts

Bold Fonts

Here are some great fonts to check out from over at mameara.

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Awesome T-Shirt designs from Glennz Tees

So simple and clean.  I love how you see some of these and think, why didn’t I think of that!  So obvious!  Very funny and extremely clever!  Take a look over at Web Design Mash.

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Tips on how to become a better designer.

BehanceEveryone needs a litle encouragement at times.  This is a pretty common sense basic article, but it honestly lays out the correct ways to practice and get yourself out there.  Good read, at least skim through it!  Thx Abduzeedo!

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30 Awesome gig posters

PosterI love these posters!  The colors and style are totally awesome!  A good poster can really say a lot!  Check them out over at Telegramme Studio.

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Incredible Character Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

Bruce Willis

These are incredibly awesome!  Big props to Tiago!  I especially love the Montgomery Burns!  Check out his collection over at Abduzeedo.

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Powerful Posters: 40 Wonderful Typographic-Based Examples

PosterAnother awesome set of posters from TIB

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Tutorial: “Lady Luck” T-Shirt Illustration

Lady Luck

Yet ANOTHER awesome, in-depth, article about designing from scratch.  This goes even further with multiple pics and how ideas are generated and dialogue that goes back and forth between designers, clients, and collaboraters.  Check it out at one of my favorite sites GoMedia!

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Close look at visual identities


I like when posts come up that break down the stories.  This one particular breaks it down visually but not verbally.  I really like how you see the grids, and the inspiration.  The step by step process is awesome too.  It kind of gives you an insight to someone elses work flow.  Anyway here is is over at Abduzeedo.  Check it out!

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